Welcome to Stealth Machines

We are the underground computer company of the hardcore gamer. Known only by the most elite of gamers, we provide some of the most powerful computers on the market at reasonable prices. We are StealthMachines and we are silently changing the way the world thinks about gaming.

Who are Stealth Machines

StealthMachines are perfect for any gamer, business, government agency, or home user. With StealthMachines, you can expect the fastest computers on the market at the most affordable prices. You can also expect to actually see the quality we put into each and every computer we build. Each computer is hand built in our workshop, so you can trust that your product was built with the same care and craft that our technicians would put into their own computers.

You can’t go wrong with StealthMachines, because we put quality first. Each and every computer which we produce is custom tailored to match your needs.

By stealthmachines